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Speaking the same Language

The Anfield Group's core mission is to facilitate Executive, Operational, and Regulatory Business Units to find common ground around cyber program architectures, technology deployments, and regulatory mandates through Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


Security Assessments and Program Design


From holistic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to Industry Specific Security Assessments/Audits, we provide end-to-end sustainable and efficient programs that merge the people, processes, and technologies that produce the natural byproducts to satisfy all regulatory mandates while maintaining a cybersecurity-first posture that fosters a proactive and operationally efficient culture

Technology Integrations


By first maximizing what our clients already have, identifying gaps, and where duplicative tools and tech exist, our clients don't spend more- the get more out of what they've spent. 

With a variety of technologies that can scale to any size organization and budget, we apply an agnostic approach to technology advisement 

Regulatory Mitigations


As Former Regulators and Auditors ourselves who have authored Regulations in a variety of industries and still serving as trusted advisors to both current and future Legislation and Regulation around cyber and data privacy, we have first-hand  experience to mitigate audit findings and the financial settlements associated 

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