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As the founding chairman of the NERC CIP Working Group, I knew that we had something special. This group represented the NERC CIP auditors and managers from all NERC Regions – the security expertise within the group was quite impressive. As I set out on my own to start The Anfield Group in 2009, I thought, “Wow, wouldn’t it be great if I could get a few of the NERC CIPWG members to join me?”

I am happy to report that after nearly four years on my own, The Anfield Group (TAG) has added two members from that group as partner consultants. Patrick Miller and Stacy Bresler have joined the TAG Team with the focus of helping meet our clients’ needs. Together, they bring over 30 years of combined experience in utility-specific security and compliance. Patrick was my counterpart at the WECC region when I was serving as Manager of CIP Audits and Investigations at Texas RE. Stacy was a lead CIP Auditor at WECC during that same time and brought equal expertise to the development of the NERC CIP Audit Process that is in place today.

In addition to their WECC experience, you may recognize Patrick and Stacy as the founders of EnergySec, a non-profit organization that heads up the National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization (NESCO), a partially-funded DOE program. NESCO has been at the forefront of the electric sector public/private security information sharing efforts.

I am extremely excited to have Patrick and Stacy on-board as they really believe in TAG’s mission of security-focused compliance, technology integration, training, and awareness. Together, the three of us represent the highest concentration of former NERC CIP Auditors and members of the NERC CIP Working Group in one organization outside of NERC and the Regional Entities. Look for exciting things in the near future from The Anfield Group!

Welcome Patrick and Stacy!

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