The Anfield Group Joins the Power Generation Services Family

          AUSTIN, TX (Oct. 6) The Anfield Group (TAG), one of the nation’s leading providers of cybersecurity compliance and advisory services for the bulk electric industry, has joined GridForce Energy Management and Power Analytics as a subsidiary under Power Generation Services (PoGens). Since 2009, The Anfield Group has been providing electric utilitites across North America with industry-leading cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, IT/OT convergance, and technology integration services.

As one of the industry’s first firms with the proven experience and ability to balance the regulatory and security challenges facing critical infrastructure owners and operators, TAG will continue to be a pioneer under the PoGens model. Via Gridforce Energy Management, TAG will offer advisory services as a NERC Registered Balancing Authority (BA) to the utility clients under the Gridforce BA portfolio. Additionally, TAG will support power system design software leader Power Analytics in the development of their product line as it pertains to both utility and federal opportunities.

“Our new PoGens model is really one of a kind,” said PoGens CEO Todd Jackson. “The addition of The Anfield Group enables us to provide our current client base with a proven and unique holistic cybersecurity skillset. Because Gridforce is a NERC Registered BA, we have a perspective that no other third party service provider can offer — we are dealing with the same challenges that our clients are facing. That perspective will, undoubtedly, grow our client base as a whole. These assets, combined with the in-house software capabilities of Power Analytics, ensure that we really have the service footprint for utilities covered across the board.”

“Cybersecurity isn’t just a big utility issue anymore – it is an issue of concern for everyone,” said TAG CEO Chris Humphreys. “The offer to bring TAG’s philosopy of attaining industry compliance through security and operational efficiences to the unique PoGens model was a no-brainer for me. TAG has always been a huge advocate for small/medium sized utilities and as regulation and risk exposure continue to evolve at a rapid pace around cybersecurity, I believe the new PoGens will be uniquely positioned to address the needs of the industry.”


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