Cyber & Physical Security

small__6892189807Cyber Security Consulting

We understand the complexity associated with building and managing a comprehensive cyber security program. It takes more than just a set of über hacker skills to get the job done. Our consultants can drop to a command-line with the best of them but they have also honed their business acumen.

This unique combination of skills can help your organization mature its security capabilities and demonstrate the value of doing so to your management ranks. We specialize in NERC CIP, Sarbanes-Oxely, FISMA, SSAE 16, HIPAA, Food Automation and many other security guidance, standards and frameworks.



small__9432530679Physical Security Consulting

Physical security of cyber assets isn’t always easy to accomplish considering the outsourced IT models that many organizations continue to utilize.  Protecting these cyber assets is important and often takes a defense-in-depth approach. But those cyber assets aren’t the only thing that needs to be protected. Being part of the critical infrastructure means your organization must consider the importance of your national or global presence. Physical access to facilities, information repositories and other business critical locations is paramount. Providing a secure working environment for those working in critical infrastructure can not be overlooked either!

Our physical security consultants have decades of experience building physical security plans for critical infrastructures that meet your business objectives and deliver the necessary security assurances.

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