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FERC Extends CIP Ver 4 Compliance Date to October 1st, 2014. So What?

On August 12, 2013 FERC released an order extending CIP Version 4 compliance to October 1st 2014. See the full filing here: So what’s an extra six months do for registered entities? According to the filing: We agree with ...

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We’re Growing!!

As the founding chairman of the NERC CIP Working Group, I knew that we had something special. This group represented the NERC CIP auditors and managers from all NERC Regions – the security expertise within the group was quite impressive. As I set out on my own to start The Anfield Group in 200...

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State of the Union Address and Cybersecurity

Last week, as I tuned in for President Obama’s ┬áState of the Union address, I wondered how much time, if any, he would actually spend addressing cybersecurity or critical infrastructure protection. On the day of the address, I was attending the SANS SCADA Summit at the beautiful Disney World ...

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