Austin Summit to Focus on Protecting National Power Grid From Cyber and Physical Attacks

AUSTIN, TX (June 15, 2015) – On August 5-6, Austin will host the 4th Annual Technologies for Security and Compliance Summit. Held at the Barton Creek Resort and Spa, the summit provides a unique opportunity to meet the people who provide the expertise and tools needed to protect the North American power grid from potentially crippling cyber and physical attacks.

Created by The Anfield Group, an Austin-based firm specializing in security and regulatory compliance for the electric, oil and gas industries, the summit features presenters who have been endorsed by utility companies that have used their product or benefited from their expertise. In most cases, an employee of the utility company that endorsed the presenter will be in attendance to answer questions from the audience.

“Increased concerns about the potential vulnerability of the power grid to both cyber and physical attacks have, of course, resulted in an avalanche of marketing information from firms claiming to have the solution that will secure the grid and meet regulatory mandates,” said Chris Humphreys, CEO of The Anfield Group. “Instead of offering a forum for sales pitches, our summit provides an opportunity for security, operations and compliance personnel at utilities to hear from their peers who can say ‘we purchased that hardware, software or expertise, deployed it and it works.'”

Through the generosity of sponsors such as SAP/Greenlight, Novatech, Oracle and Redseal, registration for the summit is free of charge (attendance is limited to 150 persons). In addition, Barton Creek Resort and Spa is offering discounted accommodations and an opportunity to play golf at the top-rated golf resort in Texas. To register, simply click HERE. For more information, email

“Now our enemies are seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid,” President Barack Obama, State of the Union Address, Feb.12, 2013.

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