At The Anfield Group, our goal is to bridge the gap between security and compliance, to create solutions that not only work for our clients, but also meet their business goals. We enjoy collaborating and mutual learning. We are passionate about progress and exceeding the status quo to achieve exceptional results.

We’re devoted to using new and innovative technologies that reduce our clients’ compliance burdens. At the same time, if something doesn’t help achieve our clients’ business goals, we don’t bother doing it. We work with our clients to strive for simplicity, innovation, excellence and teamwork.


  • Chris Humphreys

    Director and CEO
    Before founding The Anfield Group in 2006, Chris managed Critical Infrastructure Protection programs for the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense’s Counterintelligence Field Activity. As the former CIP Compliance Manager for the Texas RE and a NERC-certified Lead Auditor for both 706 and 693 NERC Reliability Standards, he has played an integral […]
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Mat Hodges 

Vice President, Sales and Business Development

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