The Anfield Group has built a comprehensive strategic partner network designed to leverage our core competencies, enhance and extend our service offerings and decrease overall costs for our clients. Because of our relationships with the world’s leading security and compliance technology innovators, our clients confidently turn to The Anfield Group when they need a consulting company to meet their diverse and complex needs.

The depth of our unique security experience, our achievements and accolades, and our deep partnerships with best-of-breed vendors differentiate us all other consulting firms.


UtiliSec is a consultancy that provides cybersecurity expertise specializing in electric power delivery systems. We offer a unique combination of cybersecurity services specifically tailored for electric utilities, with industry-leading expertise for all aspects of electric utility operations from the NERC CIP Standards to policy and architecture, smart grid security, low-level analysis, and penetration testing. We focus on helping utilities, vendors, and government understand the impact of technical, architectural, and procedural decisions, enabling these critical stakeholders to take practical actions toward realizing a secure and resilient electric grid.

UtiliSec was established in 2009 by Darren Highfill as a consultancy focused on the cybersecurity and resiliency requirements of electric power delivery systems – and specifically, field deployed utility systems. Justin Searle joined as a Managing Partner in 2011, bringing a highly complimentary focus of penetration testing for smart grid systems and components. UtiliSec frequently partners with other leaders in electric power cybersecurity, and has a substantial pool of highly specialized, experienced, and proven resources available for project deployment.

 relay securityvector  
Relay is owned and operated by information security professionals who previously led Symantec Corporation’s Power and Energy Consulting practice. With over twenty years of cumulative IT security experience, Relay has worked in a wide range of markets. In addition to a strong general understanding of IT security, Relay consultants have over ten years of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment experience, as well as seven years of experience performing evaluations of utilities’ corporate and SCADA environments and in conducting NERC CIP Gap analyses. This expertise has led Relay staff to collaborate with other industry experts on joint test bed initiatives and involvement in working groups to help find innovative solutions to assess and secure SCADA environments with minimal impact.

Relay’s extensive experience in dealing with the unique security requirements and limitations with the best-of-breed SCADA vendors coupled with a deep knowledge of the NERC CIP standards has led to engagements with power and energy companies that span all roles within the utility sector. The utilities have included large power transmission, generation, and distribution companies, as well as involvement with nuclear generation facilitates, balancing authorities, and regional transmission organizations.


EnergySec, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has earned broad praise and a strong reputation within industry, government, and the regulatory community. Supporting and participating with EnergySec demonstrates a strong commitment to security within your organization, and the industry as a whole. Although many organizations have added security to the list of topics they address, EnergySec is exclusively focused on this issue. Other organizations serve industry segments, but EnergySec’s breadth and depth of participation reaches all segments of industry, and all levels of the organization. EnergySec is industry-focused and independent. Built by the industry, for the industry, the security of critical infrastructure is our only mission.

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