2014 Technology Showcase

This year The Anfield Group has teamed with SANS and EnergySec to combine several energy sector training, workshops, vendor showcases and industry-led presentations into on big event. Please join us at the EnergySec 10th Annual Security Summit where The Anfield Group is hosting it’s 3rd Technology Showcase.

The Showcase features vendors who have successful deployments of their solutions already being used at a utility. The presentations are a “use case” that shares with the attendees how the vendor’s solution actually helped improve the utilities security and compliance posture.

This year we are featuring:

  • Hewlett-Packard
  • SecurityMatters (with Boeing)
  • Tripwire
  • Lockheed Martin (Industrial Defender)
  • Thrive Intelligence
  • FoxGuard Solutions
  • and many more.

To find out more…please go to http://www.securitysummit2014.com.

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